How Magento hit it out of the park with 2.x update

How Magento hit it out of the park with 2.x update

Don't you hate it when your e-commerce site is slow and for every minute thing you have to look for your developer?

The increasing users of the e-commerce market have made it tough for the companies to keep up with the growing competition. There is a need for an efficient system which will manage all the tasks.The field of e-commerce is ever upgrading, new technologies, new problems and new thrill wait ahead for us.

The most important thing which comes to our mind, when we want to progress are speed, security and reliability.

Magento 1 being a hit still had some key point, as it was released 10 years ago and technology since then has developed beyond imagination, keeping this in mind Magento released 2.0 version in Nov, 2015 so as to provide intense user experience, engagement and easier navigation, faster checkouts, accurate searches, faster page loading so as to help the e-commerce companies to maintain sales margin, customer repurchase rate and maintained customer acquisition.

With Magento 1.x will no longer be supported by Magento after Nov, 2018 here are the reasons why you should switch to Magento 2.x

  • High delivery speed - faster page loading.

  • Registration and checkout (streamlined) simplified by analyzing customer information.

  • Front End gets new themes.

  • Better backend admin panel  UX - can be used by touch devices smoothly.

  • Full page caching

  • Adding new product easier than ever (link videos as well)

  • Payment methods added

  • The modern dashboard lets you keep an eye on the business.

  • Marketplace for exiting and way better extensions to boost your growth.

  • Supports latest PHP versions.

  • HTML/CS3, jquery support.

  • The platform updates quarterly keeping up with the everyday growing market.

  • Easy migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 by data migration tool

Dashboard Magento 2.x

Magento has proven itself from times and now, with the new updates it is coming up with the modern technology and new challenges. Easy navigation and user-friendly nature of it reduces the human workload and increases reliability adding new clients every hour. No more large coding, No more hassle. All these factors make Magento 2.x clearly a winner.

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