Magento 2.x And Magento 1.x Difference

Magento 2.x And Magento 1.x Difference

When Magento 2 was released everyone wanted to know about the new version of Magento

So What’s new in Magento 2.0?

User Experience

  • Easy Product discovery
  • Powerful search with layered navigation also brings Price, Color, and Category.
  • Fast Checkout

Performance Upgrades

  • Full page caching
  •  Now Magento does not fire a query for loading any cms, category, product page load data for /var/page_cache.

Optimized codebase
        Separating databases (Enterprise edition only)
        Dived the Magento database in three parts.

  • The product, CMS and category information.
  • Checkout process.
  • Order management.
Each of the three databases is handled by single or slave databases.

Database optimization

  • Magento 1.x having issues related to tables locking due to this crashes and performance issues for the end user.

Magento 2 Admin Panel

  • Admin panel more friendly on different devices.

Product Management Changes

  • Importance information in a single tab.
  • Select an attribute on product management section also assign as configuration product.

Tax Management Changes

  • Import/Export Tax Rate


  • Locked User
  • Other Setting => Manage Encryption Key
  • secure user data by a different encryption key for every user.


  • Default robots are set to Index


  • Upload logo for transactional emails.

Folder Structure Changes

  • Media, CSS, js moved in pub folder Make easier to manage Static content.

Theme folder 

  • All themes naming convention is app/design/frontend/vendorName/themeName Like module naming convention.

Module Declaration

  • All module declaration in  app/etc/config.php Magento 2 but in magento one have a folder in app/etc/modules/ 

Database Declaration

  • Magento one have file app/etc/local.xml  but in magento 2 app/etc/env.php.
This Blog will give you an idea of all the Technical changes Which are in the Magento2.

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