Reindexing made Easier than Ever

Reindexing made Easier than Ever

Indexing in Magento

Magento is built on EAV architecture which allows platform to be scalable and extended as per your need. But EAV structure makes system slow because of SQL query complexity. Magento has an indexing method which transforms the EAV structure into a flat structure. It creates a table that has one column corresponding to an attribute and makes query faster.  Without indexing, user interface will be too slow.

Magento contains several indexers out of the box, but you might want to add your own if your customization requires data searches, which are not optimized by the Magento default indexer.

Indexing Types

  • Full Reindex:  Rebuilding all the indexing-related database tables.

  • Partial Reindex:  Rebuilding the database tables only for the things that changed.

Indexing Modes

Reindexing can be performed in two modes:

  • Update on Save: Index tables are updated immediately after the dictionary data is  changed.

  • Update by Schedule: Index tables are updated by cron job according to the configured schedule.

To set these options:

  1. Log in to the Magento Admin.

  2. Click System > Index Management.

  3. Select the check box next to each type of indexer to change.

  4. From the Actions list, click the indexing mode.

  5. Click Submit.

How to reindex

You can reindex in any of the following ways:

  • Using a cron job (preferred because indexing runs every minute)

  • Using themagento indexer:reindex [indexer]” command, which reindexes selected indexers, or all indexers, one time only


You can save all the hard work and coding by using the Extension for Mageneto 2 - IndexerPlus

Indexerplus let you improve and speed up your online store’s reindexing process by allowing you to update or reindex data in a quick and seamless manner from the admin panel.

  • One-click reindexing of data via Index Management as opposed to time-consuming reindexing of data using command lines

  • Improved store efficiency with less time spent on the reindexing process

  • Reduced dependency on developers for reindexing of your Magento 2 store data

  • Flexibility to exercise control by disabling store administrators from accessing the ‘reindex’ feature in the admin panel

Check out the Live Demo Link for an up close and personal view of the rich functionalities. Username: indexerplus Password: indexerplus@123

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